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Chat will be hidden on WhatsApp for you, new ‘Lock chat’ feature has come

I am glad that you are working on “Lock Chat” feature. The “Lock Chat” feature lets you keep your chats secure. Through this feature, you can lock your chats for a certain period of time so that no one can try to access your chats. You can use this feature to protect your chats which may contain your personal information.

This feature can also be used to solve problems when you want to stay away from your relationship for a certain period of time. Like if you are during a wedding or have to go away for some other important work.

Chatting app WhatsApp is a popular platform. This app can also be considered as a part of users’ personal life, because many times users here also include some personal things in the chat. In such a situation, chat gets associated with privacy, which becomes even more important to protect it from any third person.

Although, many users use app lock to keep chat secure, but it requires a separate setting and app, which is sometimes a cumbersome task. At the same time, WhatsApp is going to provide a new feature for the users to remove this hassle.

Working on “Lock chat” feature

Actually WhatsApp is working on “Lock chat” feature for its users. This feature is being rolled out for Android beta users.

With the help of this feature, users will be able to lock their chat and keep it hidden from others as well. The company is offering this feature to its users only for their privacy.

Everything will be hidden with the “Lock chat” feature

According to WABetaInfo, a website that monitors every update of WhatsApp, the company’s new feature will keep the user’s private chat safe. Chat can be locked with the help of the feature. Whenever a chat is locked with the help of the feature, it can only be accessed through the user’s fingerprint and passcode. This clearly means that WhatsApp will not be able to be opened by any other user.

Chats will automatically disappear

Not only this, if another user tries to open the app and authentication is not given then the option to clear the chat will appear on the screen. This means that even if the WhatsApp account is opened without any authentication in an emergency, the chats will remain secure, because the chat has to be cleared to open WhatsApp.

With the help of this feature, media files will also be safe in the user’s locked chat. With the help of the feature, the media files of the locked chat will not be saved in the gallery.

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